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Unlike digital files, you can actually physically hold onto prints and onto wedding albums. When clients decide they’d rather not invest in a wedding album right now, oftentimes those very same clients will receive their files on their flash drive and on their gallery and think that eventually, one day, they’ll put together an album themselves. I know how quickly things add up when planning a wedding, I really do. But we all know that life happens and things get put on hold, and though they may cherish their photos and WANT to have an album, they rarely find making their wedding album to be at the top of their priority list. This is because they either don’t know where to start, they don’t have time, they don’t know how to do it, or they’re feeling overwhelmed. If there is one thing that IS certain about all of this, it is that traditional albums have been around for a long time. No matter what device you have your files on, that device will very likely be obsolete eventually, so you’ll constantly need to back up/restore your images on some other new format to keep up with ever-changing technology. But with a wedding album, no matter how much things may change technologically, you know you will ALWAYS have your album.

Honestly, an investment is an investment because it is WORTH something. Your time is valuable and your photographer’s knowledge and expertise can only help you. Having your photographer do the work and then hand you a beautiful product that is meant to last for generations is WORTH the investment because you don’t have to deal with all of that on your own and you will always have something beautiful to look back on! Truth be told, most high quality album companies come from professional labs that cater to photographers ONLY, so while you may be able to put a book together through Shutterfly or Target, you must ask yourselves: how will the image quality actually turn out? Will the paper fade in time? Will the book actually last any length of time for you or anyone in your family to be able to look back on in years?

Your first decision as an engaged couple is to set priorities for your wedding planning, and you have to decide what you value most. Is it the dress? The food? The venue? As a former bride who now works in this industry, I believe that couples should make their photography and cinematography a top priority. After the big day is over, all of that planning and preparation will have evaporated in a matter of hours. What will you have left? Your memories, your photos, your videos… and that’s it! After all, your wedding album will become your family heirloom, to be shared with your children and grandchildren for decades to come. When browsing through the pages of a wedding album, you can actually see the story of your wedding day. Framed photos may only provide a glimpse into one specific moment, but an album can be arranged to show you how your day unfolded. Your story matters. The two of you joining together MATTERS, and not only to the two of you, but to the legacy you are starting. A wedding album is more than just deciding to invest money into something pretty that you can show your friends when they come over, it’s deciding that the two of you is the start of something amazing that will be celebrated and cherished.

This is why we offer beautiful custom linen wedding albums for our clients. You get to choose the images that go into it. I lay out the draft for you, and you get two rounds of changes before the album goes to print. YOU get to approve your final result, but the grunt work is taken care of by me. The images are printed straight onto the pages, the pages are flush-mount, the covers are wrapped with the fabric color of your choice, and your names and wedding date are imprinted onto the cover. Classic, clean, and beautifully you. This is the perfect way to memorialize your wedding day and you are definitely worth that investment!

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