Imagery and words. Our stories would essentially be impossible to tell without both. They connect us to emotions, core memories, and, most importantly, each other. When I reflect on my path to the present, I’ve always leaned heavily into the visual side of storytelling. And so my college studies in graphic design led me to a traditional 9-5 job to put my artistic eye to work. 

It wasn’t until I saw one of life’s most intimate chapters–my wedding day–preserved through photography and cinematography that I knew this was the visual storytelling piece I wanted to be a part of. My craft as a wedding and portrait photographer in Northern Virginia brings so much purpose and meaning to my life. (So don’t be surprised when I tear up behind the camera.) For that reason alone, I’m honored to be the curator of milestones through an understated, unrushed lens – slowing down and taking notice of what matters most to you.

The experience

journey behind the lens

Life is meant to be lived and experienced with purpose. That’s why there’s such intentionality behind the name I proudly stand behind while living out my passion. Wolfcrest has deep roots; it’s personal, enduring – all qualities that hold true for photography.

When researching my married surname, Robertson, I came across the family crest, which features three wolves. Not only were wolves my favorite animal as a child (I had posters and shirts covered in them), but my husband Adam and I are also some of the biggest lovers and rescue advocates of their descendants. Truly. I’ve never met a dog in need of saving that I didn’t want to bring home to give them all the affection they deserve. 

Above all, dogs and wolves are devoted to family. And the couples and families I have the privilege of photographing are treated like a member of my pack.

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Bound by Legacy

Intentional moments together make space for creating and nurturing genuine connections. I believe in building a relationship with my clients first to inspire a calm, comfortable atmosphere that feels like time spent with a dear friend when the camera comes out.

Spending quality time with the ones who fill your cup.


what matters most

wolfcrest values

The photographs that mean something often capture magic in the messy, happiness in the ordinary. That’s why I take an unposed approach – with a touch of direction – to grab hold of natural, everyday details not to be missed.

Putting the authentic details of your life & love in focus.

organic storytelling.

The busier we get, the faster we go through life’s chapters. And the memories we long to hold onto become a blur. That’s one reason I feel such an emotional connection to my craft. My purpose is to deliver timeless (vs. trendy) photographs that take you back to what you never want to forget.

Reliving the mundane and the milestones.

making moments last.

document what matters

Snuggling and advocating for all animals

Speaking in song (Linda from Bob’s Burgers is my spirit animal)

Cooking up new vegan recipes (my husband Adam & I have been plant-based for several years)

Clients become lifelong friends 

i find joy & inspiration when...


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