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For Brides: How to Prepare for your Pre-Ceremony Photos

Your wedding day is finally here! For months, you’ve labored over all the little details and you want to capture every bit of it. We love finding different ways to showcase all aspects of your wedding down to the smallest details, and one of the best times to do so is while you are getting ready. As everyone gets dressed and prepped, it is the perfect opportunity for your photographer to capture details of your wardrobe, rings, invitations, and all the little meaningful details. Here are some of our best recommendations on how to plan and prepare for your pre-ceremony photos!

6 Tips on How to Prepare for your Pre-Ceremony Photos

1. Have the Florals While Getting Ready

Bridal bouquets and boutonnieres are some of our favorite wedding accessories. To have the best detail images to choose from, you should plan to have the florals delivered either before or during the time you’ll be getting ready. This way your photographer can set up different shots with your florals, shoes, dress, rings, and other details while everyone is getting ready. As a practical matter, having them delivered and photographed at the start of the day allows a photographer to capture them at their peak freshness before handling and the day takes its toll on them.


2. Gather Your Details

From your wedding gown and shoes to smaller things like jewelry, the getting ready part of the day is when all the details of your ensemble get the chance to shine on their own so it’s important to make sure they are displayed at their best. Consider bringing a beautiful hanger to replace the plastic one your dress comes with and remember to take the tags off anything new. Bring a polishing cloth for your rings and jewelry or have them cleaned before your wedding if they are older pieces that might need some tender loving care.
Bridal details at Wedmore Place
We know that in the whirlwind leading up to your big day some of the minor things can get lost. Here is a list of details and accessories to have set aside to ensure you have everything on hand to be photographed:
  • wedding dress
  • wedding party dresses
  • shoes
  • veil
  • headpieces/hairpieces
  • jewelry/family heirlooms
  • rings
  • florals/boutonnieres
  • sashes/belts
  • garter
  • perfume
  • paper goods/invitation suite

3. Bring 1-2 Copies of Your Invitation Suite/Paper Goods

The detail that is most often forgotten is a full set of the save-the-dates and invitations. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase one of the first design decisions you made as a couple. They also look beautiful in flat lays with the florals, rings, and other details.
Bonus: If you have enough, it’s best to bring two full sets so the photographer can take pictures of both sides at once!

4. Have the Rings On Hand

The rings! Everyone’s favorite detail. Remember to have both wedding rings and the engagement ring on hand while getting ready in the bridal suite. Don’t worry about getting the rings back to the groom. The photographer or someone from the wedding party can do so once all the detail shots are complete.

5. Make Sure to Eat

This reminder isn’t so much for the pictures, but a friendly one to take care of yourself during the day. So many brides and wedding parties are so caught up in preparation that they forget to eat, and before you can blink, it’s time for the wedding and you haven’t eaten anything all day. Bring or order finger foods that are easy to eat and won’t leave stains on your clothing. When it comes time for your big moment, you don’t want to be lightheaded or have your stomach rumbling at you.

6. Have Fun

Most of all, have fun! All your hard work has been leading to this moment, so you don’t want to miss being in the moment. Enjoy your time with your friends and family and the excitement leading up to your big day. You and the photographer will have worked out all the details so you won’t need to do much other than getting ready. If your photographer needs anything from you, they will ask.
As you prepare for your big day, create a checklist of all the things you need to bring and pack them together so they are easy to find once you arrive. Once you get there, take a deep breath and know that you’ve done everything possible to make this part of the day run smoothly.
If you are working with us and have any questions or concerns about your pre-ceremony photos, please reach out—we are always here to help! Cheers!

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