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Summer Great Falls Park Engagement Photos in Mclean, VA

Irish and Greg met me for their summer Great Falls Park engagement photos in Mclean, VA on Monday of this week. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it over and over and over again, but I am so incredibly blessed with the amazing couples that I get to work with! These two make such a sweet couple and I had so much fun hanging out with them during their session. This day was pretty toasty but we managed to stay in the shade as much as possible and they definitely rocked their session. I loved that they were so willing to let their guard down, laugh and be silly together, but also be sweet and romantic for some quiet moments too. I can’t express how much I enjoy watching couples relax in front of the camera with me and how much it fills my heart that I get to capture this for them during this special time in their lives.

So here we go, another love story for you today. I hope you are all staying healthy and well through this crazy year and that you enjoy this preview from Irish and Greg’s engagement session!

Irish: I met Greg at work, of all places! We did not work together but on the day we met we were both working and he had to come into my office to talk to me about a case he was in charge for. He explained to me what he was there for and thanked me on helping his partner the day before. He brought in a small pin as a gesture of appreciation, then he asked me if I was seeing anyone. I didn’t really have time to process his question, but I definitely said I wasn’t seeing anyone!

Greg: It was a bright and sunny morning in late July.  There were birds chirping outside and the skies were clear and blue.  I walked into Irish’s office and had the pleasure of meeting the most sweet, humble and beautiful woman I know. I was at Irish’s office for business, but it quickly turned into a pleasant and very memorable moment in my life.  The first thought I had of Irish was that she is absolutely stunning, and I will keep the rest of my answer PG rated for the youngsters out there.

Irish: I thought he was kind and polite, which are the qualities of character that I love the most about him. He was outspoken but friendly, reserved but not shy, and he wasn’t scared to ask me out on the spot. His subtle yet firm confidence drew in my curiosity and I told him yes, I would go on a date with him.

Greg: I had several thoughts running through my head when I first met Irish that early morning.  I wondered if she drinks coffee and if she does, I hope she had it prior to me walking in so that she would be in a good mood. My next thought was whether she was in a relationship at the time.  The most nerve-wracking thought was if I should ask her out and if so how to build up the courage to do so.

Irish: He had asked me to meet him at Top Golf as our first outing, and I had never been there before. We had a great time golfing, chatting, sharing stories and talking the night away. We stayed out pretty late and when we said good bye, I looked forward to spending more time with him. One date turned to two, three, four and the rest turned to countless wonderful memories of our dating years.

Greg: We texted and texted and you guessed it; texted some more with phone calls in between when our hectic schedules allowed us to. Our first date took place at what was formally Top Golf in Kingstowne, VA.  I am horrible at golf but believed it would be a fun activity while getting to know someone.  Also, they served frosty adult beverages which aided me with having some liquid courage as we shared fun conversation.

Irish: I remember telling my mom and my closest girlfriend that I had gone on a date with a guy I happened to meet at work. I didn’t go into too many details and they asked if I was going to see him again for more dates. I said yes but I also told them I would take my time as I wanted to get to know him slowly-while deep down inside I was really excited to continue seeing him!

Greg: I told my roommates at the time that a girl named Irish talked my ear off till the early hours in the morning. I did not want our date to end but I did manage to sneak in some hugs and even managed to luck out and get quick kiss on the lips. I kept thinking about our date and could not wait to see Irish again. I still share stories with our friends on how Irish and I exchanged texts about everything and anything. Irish always corrected my spelling and grammatical mistakes while texting, and I always defended myself by blaming auto-correct. Irish still tells our friends stories about how passionate I was about froyo yogurt while exchanging texts when we were getting to know each other.

Irish: It wasn’t a monumental moment where I said to myself, he is the one. It was a compilation of how day-to-day moments over the years where I got to see how caring, considerate, free-spirited and protective he is. How loving and fun he is around family and friends, how passionate he is about doing the right things, how he believes in humanitarian efforts and causes, how he is not afraid to fail and evolve to become a better version of himself, and how he chooses to prioritize the things that matter to him the most. He makes me feel safe and secure in his embrace-and that is who I knew I wanted to be with.

Greg: Our relationship has been growing and evolving for many years. We have grown stronger together through our highs and lows. I do not have a certain date, time or event as an answer to this question but what I can share is that we both show each other on a daily basis that we are meant for each other and that we are both willing to put in the work to live our extraordinary lives together.

Irish: Fast forward seven years later, he came by my office one Friday afternoon. Since it wasn’t usual for him to stop by, I asked if everything was okay. He told me he was there to follow up on a case while pulling out an official-looking paperwork where it had a picture of us on one of the many nature walks we take with out dogs. The top of the paper says “Wanted for to cherish and to hold”-where I immediately laughed as I figured out what he was doing. He said, “I came by today to ask you to be my wife“, with a grin on his face. He gave me two Ring Pop flavor options,where I picked the strawberry one. He then pulled a ring box and I answered with a yes!

Greg: I surprised Irish at her office, again.  It was very similar to the first time I met her but this time with a ring in hand and a question in mind that I never asked anyone before in my life “will you marry me?”

Irish: I admire Greg the most for his kind heart. A lot of things fade away with the test of time. I’ve never met or known anyone who exudes such a gentle disposition and as kind-natured as he is. I love coming home to him every day.

Greg: There are many qualities I love and cherish about Irish, but I absolutely love and adore her humble, kind and caring spirit. She has a genuine smile that melts people’s hearts and has a unique way of leaving a positive lasting impression with everyone she meets.

Irish: He has a prominent Brooklyn accent that hasn’t gone away (and I believe won’t) years after he moved from New York City. I love how cute he sounds when he says certain words thickly embedded in the accent. I also appreciate how he waits for me to go on Costco trips together, so we can walk down every aisle to see what deals they have worth getting for.

Greg: I love Irish’s cheesy and corny jokes, but the best part is that after she tells them she has a silly yet adorable laugh.

Irish: Exchanging our vows to one another will be the highlight of the day, for me. I truly treasure our privacy-and our nuptial commitment will be the embodiment of this lifelong safe circle we will both have for the rest of our lives. I very much look forward to that moment on our wedding day.

Greg: I look forward to seeing Irish walk down the aisle and us joining hands together to exchange our vows in church.  The year 2020 will be remembered in history for many reasons. I consider myself blessed to have Irish by my side as we enter 2021 and many years to come as husband and wife.

Great Falls Park engagement photos in Mclean, VA

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