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Northern VA Engagement Photos | Kathy + Nick | Springfield, Virginia

I’m so excited to share Kathy and Nick’s engagement session photos with you all today! Kathy was a guest at both Abby and Steve’s and Laura and Charles’ wedding so it was so nice to get the chance to hang out with and getting the chance to get to know them a bit better! They are both such great company, love to laugh, and will be getting married next November at The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay! We met up in Springfield and mostly photographed their session by a nearby lake and the light and weather was crisp and perfect. I had such an amazing time with them and can’t wait to document when they finally become husband and wife.

A little background on these two: Kathy and Nick met through friends who share a mutual interest of professional wrestling and their first correspondence was over Twitter since they did not live in the same state! Nick was living in California at the time and Kathy was here in Virginia. They had planned to go to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday and after Kathy booked her (non-refundable) ticket, they found out that everyone ditched the idea and decided to do something local instead! No one from home would go with Kathy, so Nick said that he would still go and they could finally meet in person and hang out. When Kathy got to the hotel and they met up, it was love at first sight… in a non-traditional sense. They had been talking for over seven months, but Kathy said to physically see Nick before her hit her like a ton of bricks (in the best way possible)! It was a completely unconventional first date as neither of them were anywhere close to home, and it went on for about three days because they were the only people we knew who they could hang out with. Before they left Vegas they decided to date exclusively, despite the distance!

What was your first thought when you saw or interacted with him/her for the first time?
Nick: That she was funny and weird and I liked that!
Kathy: To be 100% honest, my first thought after the Twitter interactions was “what a weirdo.” My first thoughts after our first in person interaction was “thank goodness he looks like his photos,” and “he’s so funny!”

What quality/qualities do you love most about your partner?
Kathy: He is extremely honest, loving, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I have never met someone who is so unapologetically “themselves” all of the time. He doesn’t change who he is for anyone; I really admire how he stays true to himself.
Nick: She’s funny, smart, weird, kind, and tolerates me.

What are some of your partner’s quirks that you love or appreciate?
Nick: That she will randomly sing her name in songs or chants.
Kathy: Before we got Alexa, which can turn our lights on and off just by telling her to do it for us, it used to drive him crazy when I would use the light switch by the stairs to turn off the lights at the end of the night instead of the light switch by the front door. It bothered him so much that the lights were in the “on” position, but the lights would be “off”… even though they would be like that on the stairs if we used the front door switches! It made no sense to me, but I loved how crazy he would get about it.

The proposal happened on the evening of Nick’s 35th birthday. Kathy had been asking him for weeks what he wanted her to get him as a gift and he would just shrug it off and say he didn’t know yet, so she felt pretty bad not having anything to give him on his birthday. After a long evening of dinner and cake with her family (his family is out-of-state), they got home at a pretty late hour. As they walked in the door, Kathy apologized again for not having a gift to give him, and told him she was going to go do the dishes. She didn’t hear him respond, so she figured he either didn’t hear her, was mad she didn’t get him a gift, or really wanted to start playing video games in the basement. A few moments later, she heard Nick coming back up the stairs from the basement and he started to say “Oh! I know what I want for my birthday,” to which she responded “Finally! What?” As he rounded the corner into the kitchen he said “Will you marry me?” as he held out a beautiful ring box.

Kathy claims that the next few moments were not cute as she made a really weird sound, not words nor a normal human noise. She had to set down the dishes she was holding and hugged him. After a minute, he said “So, is that a no?” to which her response was “Put the ring on me!” and so he put it in her nose, in true Nick fashion, and then onto her finger. As a side note, she finally said yes the next morning after she was retelling the story to her matron of honor and realized she never actually said “yes.”

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?
Kathy: The moment that we are announced as husband and wife!
Nick: That all our friends and family will be there with us to enjoy it.

Congratulations, Kathy and Nick!


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