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Georgetown Engagement Photos | Madeline + Luke


Last Wednesday, Adam and I met up with Madeline and Luke at the canal at Georgetown for their engagement session! I was so excited for this session because as soon as I met the two of them, I instantly knew I was going to love them. They just have this aura about them that is so comfortable and you honestly can’t help but like them right off the bat. Their wedding is coming up in September and I am already on the edge of my seat waiting to see their day come together and all the details unfold. I really hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session, so here we go. 😉 Without further ado, meet Madeline and Luke!

Georgetown DC Engagement Photos Wolfcrest Photography georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0002 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0003 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0004 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0005 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0006 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0007 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0008 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0009 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0010 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0011

And of course we had to stop off in front of this little restaurant simply because it was called Luke’s… 😉

georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0012 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0013 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0014 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0015 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0016 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0017 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0018 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0019 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0020 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0022 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0023 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0024 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0025 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0026 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0027 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0028 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0029 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0030 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0031 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0032 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0033

The one below has got to be my absolute FAVORITE of the day. These two are KILLING me — just gorgeous, you two.

georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0035georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0034georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0036 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0037 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0039 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0040 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0041 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0042 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0043 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0044 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0045 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0046 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0047 georgetown-dc-engagement-photos-madeline-luke_0048

  1. Cindy Snyder says:

    You two will make a beautiful bride and groom!!!!
    Just remember to have FUN!

  2. Madeline says:

    We can’t thank you enough for these wonderful pictures that capture the way Luke and I love each other. The wedding pics are going to be even better!!! We have truly enjoyed getting to know you and Adam and are looking forward to more fun in September!! XO

  3. kelly says:

    so so gorgeous!!!! I cannot imagine the wedding!!! xo

  4. Chelle Fletcher says:

    Just simply beautiful you two. So happy for you both and honored to be part of your wedding. Can. NOT. WAIT!!!!!

  5. Brenda says:

    luke,you two could,be a cover for a wedding magazine. These pics honestly speak the love you have between you both. I wish only the best for you two as you carry on your journey on this new life together.

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