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Fredericksburg VA Family Photos | VA Portrait Photographer

I am beyond excited to share some sneaks with you from this beautiful Fredericksburg VA family photo session!

These three were brand new clients of mine. And I think this is a perfect opportunity to showcase something I have found to be true in my time spent photographing human connections: If I could give advice to anyone on their portrait session (it doesn’t matter if it’s with me or with anyone else!), I will tell you THREE things that are critical to producing beautiful images.

  1. LIGHT. Light is HUGE. We could have been shooting this session in an alleyway, but we still would have created beautiful images because we had beautiful, glowing light.
  2. TRUST. Trust is critical. If you arrive at your session or your wedding day with reservations, specific shot lists, or if I can feel we have different expectations, your photographer automatically feels the energy and lack of trust and it limits them in their ability to do their job as well as they might be able to. And while this family had seen my body of work but had never met me before, I felt from the start that they relaxed and let me do what they had hired me to do. Capture their family together in celebration of their sweet little girl’s upcoming second birthday.
  3. CONNECTION. This family had an amazing connection, but the critical thing here is they allowed me the opportunity to capture it. If you: settle into the session, are willing to be playful/silly/sweet/serious/whatever you are together, focus on each other (and not me), are willing to take my occasional prompting or guidance, and as cheesy as it may sound, be in this moment in time? It makes all the difference. This is a memory we are making together that you give me PERMISSION to capture for you. Allow it to happen!

I have said it a thousand (and one) times before, but I am honored each and every time someone hires me to take their photos. I always do my absolute best and I truly hope every one of my clients recognizes that. But having these three things ensures not only a more pleasant experience for all, but it also gives you the best shot at producing the emotive images that everyone wants.

This family was so fun to document together. I truly hope that they love these images as much as I do and that they can forever look back on this and remember this sweet, sweet time in their lives.

Happy Friday to you all! Have a beautiful weekend.



Fredericksburg VA Family Photos | VA Portrait Photographer

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  1. Jaren Toti says:

    While looking at these photos I noticed I am smiling the whole time! Yes! The moments are so naturally captured. They are truly enjoying each other as family. Love is showing through these pictures so beautifully!

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