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A Fredericksburg VA Dog Portrait Session | Lilly the Chihuahua

Oh my gosh, I had SO much fun with Lilly during her portrait session! Lilly’s parents contacted me cause they wanted portraits of their chihuahua while they were in Fredericksburg, and of course, you know I am ALLLLL about dog portrait sessions! Bring on all the animals, I love them all! I am especially close to chihuahuas since one of my own is a chihuahua. Sophie is glued to my hip all day everyday and she is absolutely the most loyal little girl with so much personality. Erika and Matt’s sweet little Lilly recently celebrated her birthday and she was one of the most well-behaved, adorable, and photogenic little pups I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. I told Erika and Matt that usually, during pet sessions, dogs are always looking in every other direction except towards me because they get distracted by absolutely everything (SQUIRREL!) but Lilly almost knew that it was time for her closeup and she would look directly at me, ears perked up, and even smiled for the camera almost every single time. My heart melted watching her hop through the long grass like a bunny (the grass was taller than she was in some places) and she had such a blast running in the fields. I could feel how much Lilly’s parents adore her and it filled my heart so much to see that. Dogs truly are the best friends we can ever ask for and it was so amazing to be asked to photograph their girl for them. Erika and Matt, I hope you enjoy a peek from sweet Lilly’s portrait session! XO

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  1. Olivia Mallory says:

    I am fostering a puppy and would like to have our picture taken before he is adopted.

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