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Charming Spring Engagement Photos in Richmond VA

It’s been a minute, guys.

The state of everything is so uncertain right now but one of the highlights of 2020 is when I was able to photograph my first session [in far too long] due to social distancing – Carly and Ben’s charming Spring engagement photos in Richmond, VA! You may actually recognize them as they were our models for our Amelia Lawrence Weddings North Point Plantation editorial that was featured on Magnolia Rouge. That editorial was back before they were officially engaged, so this session was even more exciting for this reason!

Without question, finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a journey in itself. It’s a learning process, and it’s beautiful the way two souls come together. I still have all of my fingers crossed that their wedding day will still happen this fall at the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design and couldn’t be happier for these two. They aren’t just stunners but they are so comfortable in each other’s arms and are truly two of the most sincere, relaxed, and giving people you’ll ever meet. And like always, you can read more about the two of them and how they met in their love story interview!


We met back in 2013 at a mutual friend’s 25th birthday celebration in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Carly was busy ordering herself a dirty martini from the bar when she was introduced to Ben, he made a comment that he’d never had one — so she offered him a sip and things took off from there!

Carly: Ben asked me out to eat dinner at a casual, cozy Italian restaurant that we both love. We drank plenty of red wine, ordered almost everything on the menu and stayed until they kicked us out the door.

Ben: I knew Carly was the one not long after she moved into my house in Church Hill and we started building a life together. It was all so easy and comfortable from the get-go that I never had a moment’s doubt. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world that I found this person.

Carly: I’ve known Ben was my perfect partner for a very long time. We’ve shared many milestones and are both ready for our next adventure.

Ben: I was SUPER nervous. We were camping up in the Shenandoah mountains and I was hiding the ring box in my bag all weekend. I was worried she was going to find it and the surprise would be ruined.  I was planning on doing it in December, a couple of weeks before Christmas. I took it with me when we went on a hike earlier that day, but the timing and place was off. I was searching on google maps and hiking websites where was the best view of the blue ridge mountains from Skyline drive because I wanted to get a good sunset photo. We went back to our campsite to get our coats and a few drinks and I was racing back up the mountain before the sunset, I think she thought I was going insane because I was driving so fast. We found a great view of the valley at one of those pull-off lots on Skyline drive right at the sun was disappearing over the mountain and I asked some stranger to take our picture, I put my phone on video and that’s when I proposed to her. I don’t even remember doing it, I was so nervous.

Carly: The proposal was in December 2019 during a weekend getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. We escaped the city for a retreat stay at a tiny cabin, enjoyed undistracted time in nature, roasted s’mores on the outdoor fire pit, listened to music and made friends with kittens. While taking a sunset drive after a nice chilly hike along Shenandoah National Park, Ben proposed at a scenic view overlook on Skyline Drive. The special moment was captured on video as Ben asked a stranger to ‘take our photo’ and Carly was completely stunned. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne that Ben had been secretly toting around all day.

Carly: I love Ben for his intensity, dry sense of humor, extreme patience, artistic talents and calming presence. He has an amazing memory and attention to detail, he can tell you the year and director of almost any movie and if somethings broken and there’s a youtube tutorial — he can fix it! He also brews me fresh coffee every morning and takes great care of me and our sweet cat, Sadie.

Ben: There are too many qualities to list but here are some of my favorites. When we first met I was initially attracted to her beauty. I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Once we got to know each other on a deeper level, I realized just how special she was.  We clicked together like two pieces of a puzzle.  I never have to pretend to be anyone that I’m not. She accepts all my imperfections and loves me just the same.  In the past, I’ve had to put so much emotional energy and strain into my relationships, but with Carly I knew right away that I didn’t need to force anything anymore. Her openness and willingness to be vulnerable. I love that she’s not afraid to laugh at herself. (or at me!) Her empathy towards everyone and everything is inspiring. She’s constantly going out of her way to make others happy and bring small bits of joy into the lives of her friends, family and coworkers. I’ve never met someone so outgoing and eager to please others. This 100% genuine attitude makes me strive to be a better person. She is easily affectionate and responsive on so many levels. If I’m having a bad day at work, I know when I get home, no matter what mood I’m in, she will instantly make me feel better just by being herself.

We are most looking forward to being surrounded by loved ones smiling faces all together, all at once. It’s not every day that happens!

Carly and Ben are getting married this Fall at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design in Richmond, VA. Congratulations, Carly and Ben! I can’t wait to celebrate with you both!


If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding photographer in Richmond, VA, please shoot me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

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    Gorgeous engagement pictures! Sweet couple surrounded by beautiful scenery! Love the photos!

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