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Fredericksburg VA Farm Engagement Photos | Virginia Photographer

Today I’m sharing with you these sweet Fredericksburg VA farm engagement photos of Amber and Alex! These two have amazing chemistry and told me at the start of their session (happens 90% of the time) that they have never done this before. Well, they were totally natural and I kept telling them I was going to have a heck of a time trying to narrow them down! It’s always a welcome problem for me to have, though, so I’m not actually complaining at all 😉

I love when couples trust me and go with my sometimes ridiculous requests, but I swear that there’s a method to my madness! More than anything, I love to see people relax, trust me, and fall into themselves in front of my camera — which is always totally wonderful for me to witness. Watching them together and also hearing them exchange “I love you”‘s in the midst of their session several times made me so happy. And then hearing at the end how much fun they had during their session was the cherry on top! I wish these two an amazing future together and know their lives will be filled with so much happiness and love. XOXO.

Amber: We met in May of 2014 at a mutual friend’s house party. We were laughing and having a great time together all as friends. One of the first nights I met Alex, we became beer pong partners. I barely knew him but had this intense urge to get to know him better and was so excited when our friends had us be “pong partners”! Although I don’t recall us being great at the game (thanks alcohol haha) we had such a fun time pretending like we really cared about the game at all! At that moment, I could tell there was something special between us and I was so excited to get to know him better. We would go to our friend’s house every chance we had just to have an excuse to see each other (since at that time we didn’t really know each other outside of having the same friends).  We would all gather on the weekends and have bonfires, a few drinks, and a lot of laughs but every time I had a chance to spend time with Alex, I felt my feelings towards him growing stronger each time and couldn’t wait until I got to see him again!

Alex: I met her at a friend’s bon fire. I have seen her Instagram before and thought she was very cute. I knew she was going to be there so I  made sure I looked sharp and kept it cool.

Alex: When I arrived I saw her and I was very shy at first but after we paired up for beer pong and had a few drinks I loosened up a little bit! I thought she was beautiful and had the most amazing smile and laugh. She reminded me of a Californian surfer girl with her beach blonde hair and blue eyes.

Amber: When I first met Alex, I thought ” Oh my goodness, this man is SO attractive!” I was really nervous and intimidated because he was a few years older than me so  I didn’t know how to act around an older guy, but I knew I was really interested when I first met him and was so eager to get to know him better. Whenever we would be hanging out with our friends, I would try to purposely sit next to him in our hangout spots and just hoped he felt the same way about me as I did. One day, one of our friends called Alex on my phone and I was SO excited I had his number and didn’t have to ask for it in a sly way. I had his number! I was so excited but of course didn’t message him for a few days and finally nonchalantly messaged him and we instantly started talking nonstop…. almost like he was hoping I would contact him anyways! Every time I heard my phone beep with a notification and I saw his name pop up, my heart LITERALLY skipped a beat and I was just so excited to be able to talk to him one on one and that is where our relationship started to really begin.

Amber: Shortly after Alex and I started messaging each other daily, we started talking about hanging out alone versus with all of our friends. One of our very first times hanging out, he took me to Alum Springs in Fredericksburg, VA. At the time, I had no idea this hidden gem even existed in my hometown and was so excited to create this new memory together. We sat at the water hole for several hours talking about everything imaginable. At times, we just sat in the silent listening to the water and nature and really just enjoyed the company we were given each other. Finally, the sun started to set and we were getting really hungry. We drove to Chipotle and ate dinner and talked for more hours. That day was so special to us and really brought us together in a more intimate way instead of just being friends. We shared memories, laughs, and emotions together and really became very close. I felt like I already had made a best friend in this man and I needed him in my life. A few nights later on June 16th, 2014, I was at his dad’s house spending the evening with him and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said YES. My heart skipped more beats again because we were officially dating!

Alex: I meant to get her number that night but I forgot. I kept beating my self up about it. The following day a random phone number called me. I texted back asking who it was. I was hoping it was Amber but I thought the chances were slim. I think someone was looking out for me because the person that replied was amber! my friend called me off her number. I guess you can say we have been inseparable since. We would talk all night about anything and everything as if I’ve known her my whole life after just a few weeks. I knew I had to ask her out after a couple weeks of going on dates and she said yes!

Alex: I told my family that I met an amazing girl who I feel like is literally the female version of me. I remember after I introduced amber to my family they adored her instantly. They even asked me if she was “the one” early into our relationship. She does not know that.

Amber: I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family about my new boyfriend! My little sister was so excited for me and was eager to meet him, and my parents were excited to hear about all the fun times we had already shared! When he came over the first time to my parent’s house, he was so respectful towards them, my parents instantly loved him. My father is very good at reading people, and felt strongly towards Alex’s love for me he actually gave Alex his blessing one of the first times he met him!

Amber: I always had this special feeling towards Alex that he was different than any other guy I had dated previously. We understand each other and really appreciate the other person. I would say about a year into our relationship, I started to think about marriage and our future. I was fresh out of high school when we first met, so I wasn’t 100% ready for marriage and it wasn’t my top priority at the time. But, I began feeling ready and mature enough to marry Alex about one year in when I truly began to know Alex for all his deepest secrets, imperfections, qualities, etc. I knew I was ready to take this man as my husband when he was ready to ask me to take the next step.

Alex: I have always known.  It was the day we had our first kiss. We were at Alum Springs park during our early days of dating. We were walking on the trails and it led to a beautiful creek. We took a break and sat there just admiring the nature.  But while she was admiring the outdoors, I was admiring how beautiful she was. I looked at her and just went for it. I knew that day we had a connection that could not be broken and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Alex: I have always known the way I  was going to propose to her. I knew it had to be in Clearwater Beach, Florida. We took a vacation to Florida in May of 2019.After our third day there we spent the day at the beach went to dinner later on. After dinner we walked on the beach during sunset and I found a seashell (it was actually in my pocket)  I showed it to her and said “will you marry me?”  on it. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said YES! Like I said I have always known that was the way I was going to do it but actually doing it felt like a dream. It was beautiful.

Amber: Alex and I LOVE all things Disney! So, in May of 2019, we planned a vacation to Disney World and Clearwater Beach. We drove down and stayed with one of our close friends and explored Hollywood Studios and Epcot and enjoyed every single second! We had never been to Disney together and neither had been in decades. We especially loved Epcot for the beautiful cultural diversity and various countries we were able to visit and explore together. One of our favorite places at Epcot was in Mexico, the temple was gorgeous and literally made us feel like we were in Mexico, we shopped and had one of the best days of our lives. The day after we drove to Clearwater Beach and spent a few days there. This Floridian beach is probably the most special place to us since it was our very first vacation we took together as a couple back in October 2014. The last several weeks leading up to our proposal I had a really funny feeling he was going to propose. One of the biggest hints was Alex specifically told me “I have a feeling this vacation will be something we will remember for a long time!” And of course I thought the same thing, since we love Disney and the beach so much! But, when my father said almost identically the same phrase, something seemed funny. I was so so so excited, I couldn’t believe this time was finally happening for us! Alex took me to The Donkey Cantina in Clearwater Beach for dinner the evening he proposed. During our dinner, we talked about all of our special memories and events we shared together the past 5 years and how lucky we were to have found each other. We had a fabulous meal and walked along the shore for a little. He went to grab a shell from the ground and pulled a shell off the sand that said, “Will you marry me?”. He dropped down on one knee and proposed to me with the most beautiful sunset behind us. A bypasser saw this happen and took candid pictures of our proposal and came up to us shortly after congratulating us and offering to send them to us. I was so thankful we have pictures of the most special and perfect moment in my life! I was in such shock, my heart skipped one thousand beats and I looked at this man, truly in love and grateful we were taken this next step together in life. We finished that evening enjoying eachother’s company, never wanting to live that moment in time.

Amber: I love Alex’s humor, it is one of my favorite qualities about him. He is SO good at making me laugh on a daily basis. I love his romantic ways. He will surprise me with flowers and a beautifully written card on random days, like my first day back to work after quarantine. I absolutely love his support for anything I do. He always stands by anything I want in life and shows me his dedication to our love by supporting my goals and life aspirations. I love his sensitive personality, he is not afraid to show me his emotions (whether that be if he is stressed, sad, anxious, etc.) I admire his strength when it comes to his emotions, even if he is feeling sad he isn’t afraid to let me help him overcome his troubles as a couple. I truly love everything about this man, he is genuinely perfect in my book.

Alex: Amber is the most positive person I have ever met. She does not let anyone or anything get her down. Even when times are tough and I know deep down she is stressed she holds it together and is still the most happy person. I envy that about her. She is a traveling soul. Her and I have been to so many places together.

Alex: She used to only play video games when it was snowing. She was very strict about that and I’m not sure why to this day. Animal Crossing New Horizon changed that though, she is ADDICTED. She wont eat spaghetti with spaghetti sauce. Instead she puts cheese and butter in it. She is obsessed with our cat named Everest AKA Chicken. I think she has more selfies with that cat than she does with me. If I were to write down all the adorable quirks she has Id be writing you graphic novel.

Amber: One of the cutest little quirks Alex does that I love so much is he will try on multiple outfits for a date night and want my opinion on which is better. But, he doesn’t just want me to say which is better he wants me to say WHY. I have to give him an explanation as to which outfit looks better for our outing and I think it is so funny and cute I have to do this every single time.

Amber: I am so excited to walk down the aisle and see my future husband at the end of the path! I can’t wait to read our vows to each other and officially be announced Mr. and Mrs. Mumma! I know in that moment when I first see Alex in his tuxedo while I am walking down to him in my wedding dress, everything else will be a blur the only thing I will see is my future husband and I can not wait for that moment!

Alex: Seeing her walk down the aisle. Seeing her look like a princess is going to take my breath away and CRY LIKE A BABY. After I say my vows, say I do and give her that kiss I will make sure she will not only feel like a princess, but a queen for the rest of her life.

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