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A Rock Climbing Engagement Session at Great Falls Park | Kellen and Emily

Kellen and Emily met at their rock climbing gym so they were hoping to have rock climbing incorporated into their engagement session. Adam and I were so excited about their session and arrived at Great Falls Park at 8am on a Saturday morning and got to chat a bit with them while Kellen set up the ropes and got everything situated. This session proved to be a little more difficult in terms of lighting since we were photographing it in the early afternoon when the sun was high in the sky and the light was more extreme, but the extreme lighting also adds to the drama of the session in a way. This was a fun session for us because it was the first time we had documented a couple while rock climbing! It took on a little more of a documentary-style for the session and then we snagged a few portraits with them standing on the ground at the very end. A huge thank you to Kellen and Emily for thinking outside the box and wanting to put something personal and meaningful into their engagement session. Guys, thank you for “hanging in” there so much with us — we just know your relationship will be strong like a “rock”! (Pun totally intended, hahaha). But seriously, I am absolutely enamored with how adorable these two are with each other; I think they both commented how cute one another looked while clinging onto the rocks about 20 times that morning. I just love these two and can’t wait for their wedding this August at A. Smith Bowman Distillery!

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