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Kensington MD Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photos | The D Family

If I had imagined being a parent of three boys? The words wild, messy, loud, chaotic instantly come to mind.

But I saw in these parents’ eyes that in those very same moments, it’s also beautiful, hilarious, wildly entertaining and unimaginably fulfilling. Their hearts are so full, and somehow they are able to make room for even more love for each other.

Capturing these moments of theirs, the ones where just days after bringing home their third precious baby boy, they combed their hair and created some memories and I watched and snapped away as they laughed and cuddled and were silly and sweet together. They embrace the crazy along with the sweet and I love that so much. I found myself tearing up a few times behind that camera because just minutes after meeting this family for the first time, I could see what a supportive, encouraging, and wonderful life they’ve made together. These are the seconds I love snatching up and freezing for them to always be able to look back on and hold onto.

So thank you to this lovely family for allowing me this brief glimpse into their lives, and a special thank you to Elis for putting me in contact with them in order to do so! I continue to feel inspired by all of you!

Kensington MD Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photos

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  1. Kathy says:

    You did an amazing job Sara! Truly captured our family. Can’t wait til the next shoot!

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