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I’ve got my Gallery… Now What? 5 Ideas to Showcase your Wedding Photos

Your wedding may seem months away. But trust me, it’s going to sneak up on you. 

And after it does… when the gifts are opened, the thank you cards are mailed, and you settle into newlywed life… your photos and video will be the only thing left to remember those treasured memories you made.

You’ll anxiously await the day you get to relive it all. And then finally, you’ll receive that email. You know, the one that you’ve been checking your inbox every day, twice a day, forever since you got your sneak peeks…

Your wedding gallery is ready to view!

You’ll excitedly type in your email address and password and finally land on the page of the hundreds and hundreds of photos from one of the best days of your life. 

Everything was so beautiful!… The images of you hugging your grandma. Your friends, laughing, as they got down on the dance floor. You even catch yourself crying looking at the photos of you and your partner after the ceremony with that post-“I do” glow. 

You’ll immediately download your favorite images and share them with your family and friends on Instagram. 

And then, the initial excitement will start to wear off…

Now what?

The years will go by. And your photos will barely be touched again except for that year’s Christmas card. And the one time a year you look at them on your anniversary.

And to top it all off, because technology is ever-evolving… from floppy disks to CDs, flash drives to external hard drives, SIM cards to cloud-based storage… You’ll accidentally lose your images along the way. Ugh. Nightmare!

You don’t want that to happen… Right?!

I believe the camera is a powerful tool that acts as a window into individual stories. Stories just waiting to be told. That leaves a treasured legacy for current and future family members and loved ones to look back and reminisce on. 

And your story deserves to be told! You’re about to spend good money on preserving the moments that make up your story after all… So, why let them go to waste?

Rather than letting your images collect cyber-dust, here are some of my favorite ideas on how you can put those beautiful photos and stories to good use. 


5 Ideas to Showcase Your Wedding Photos


1. Albums

I hear the objections to albums all the time…

  • “I’ll buy one if I have money leftover from the wedding.”
  • “I don’t think I’ll need/use one – It’ll just sit on the shelf.”
  • “I’ll put one together myself later down the line at some point.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed just thinking of having to go through all my photos and pick my favorites.”

And I get it. I really do.  

Because here’s the hard truth: You’re not going to have any money left over after your wedding.

And just because you won’t flip the pages of your album every day, doesn’t mean it won’t see the light of day. Instead of keeping it tucked away somewhere, display it as a coffee book on your coffee or side table. I guarantee you’ll open it up when you’re watching tv on a random Tuesday. Or, if not yourself, your friends and family certainly will!

And with technology ever-changing, your photo storage could become obsolete. So when (more like, if) you get around to putting an album together, who knows if you’ll have easy access to your photos. Or, if you’ll be crossing your fingers as you reach out to your photographer, asking if they still have your gallery on their backup drive.

But albums… Albums never go out of style. 

Rather than wasting your valuable time, stressing out about narrowing down the 911 images to your favorite 60… Ask your photographer for help! Our job isn’t over just because we’ve sent you your gallery. I, for one, love designing albums. And I let my clients know I’m here to help as little or as much as they’d prefer – by helping select images to designing the entire album from front to back.

Albums are customizable too! Just like your wedding, they can be designed to reflect your personal style. You can have it match the color(s) of your wedding. Or go for a linen cover to match the furniture in your living room – creating a heirloom book designed to coordinate with your space.

And I bet you didn’t know that photographers have access to the best printing labs. And can guarantee that your physical photos will have the exact same quality as the digital files.

2. Canvas prints

In case you’re into turning your photos into artwork like me, a canvas might just be your thing.

The great thing about creating art from your photos – especially your wedding photos – it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a constant reminder of the joy you felt on your wedding day and the love you share for your partner. A reminder that you get to see and reminisce over every day.

So, take your engagement photos and turn them into a guest book. Print a small 5” x 7” tabletop option for your entryway table. Or consider more of a statement, and print a giant 30” x 40” option to be hung in your bedroom or hallway. You can turn a photo into any size of artwork imaginable.

And like albums (or any method of printing), your photographer will make sure you get the best quality prints.

3. Gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the rage. And a great option for the couple looking for a more modern way to display their wedding photos.

Instead of just one large canvas print, a gallery wall is a great way to include multiple images from your wedding. And/or images from your dating days, engagement session, or, if family is super important to you, portraits from your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. weddings. 

My favorite gallery walls are statement pieces made up of 6 or 9 equal-sized, matching frames. But, if you prefer mix-matched frames or various sized photos, that works too!

And who’s to say it has to only be photos? I personally love the idea of framing something heartfelt and meaningful – like the lyrics to your first dance or perhaps your wedding vows. Or, in my case, the family crest of my surname, Roberston. We’ve done this and it reminds us of our fondness for animals. It’s also where I got my company name – Wolfcrest Photography.

4. Folio box

If you’re looking for an alternative keepsake to a luxury wedding album, canvas print, or multi-image gallery wall… Consider a folio box!

Folio boxes add another level of sophistication to any credenza or coffee table. And can range in material from glass to lucite to wood (engraved with your wedding monogram!)

For your folio box, I’d recommend matted prints to create a truly fine art feeling. As well as a personal keepsake from your wedding day. Like the ribbon tied around your bouquet. Or dried rose petals.

5. Picture Ledge

Maybe a perfectly hung collection of images on your wall isn’t your style. Or maybe you prefer the option of easily switching out your photos from time to time.

If that’s the case, a picture ledge is probably what you’re going to like best.

In fact, recently I’ve been seeing more and more designers and photographers display their artwork this way. So, forgo the traditional nail and hammer option and instead consider a more casual and contemporary style by displaying various sizes of framed photos over your existing fireplace mantle, on a series of floating shelves, or propped up against the hallway wall.

Regardless of how you choose to display your photos… DISPLAY them! Don’t just keep them somewhere digitally. And remind yourself daily of the love that surrounds you.


Piqued your interest yet? In case I have, feel free to shoot me an email to find out more about showcasing your images!

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