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An Engagement Session in Downtown Fredericksburg

I feel as though I say this all the time but I just believe it so strongly — we have the nicest couples! Today I’m sharing with you Denise and David and their downtown Fredericksburg engagement session. Both Denise and David care for each other deeply and their love is obvious with every word and interaction. We started on Caroline Street for a few photos downtown and then as we were switching locations, the skies turned darker and it started to sprinkle on us. Denise and David weren’t phased by the fact that we may be getting rained on, but the sprinkling ended up only lasting just a few minutes! I love when couples are able to roll with the punches and don’t get flustered with uncontrollable weather situations like these two; rather, they focused on each other and sharing this experience together. They both love bourbon so their wedding at A. Smith Bowman Distillery is just perfect for them and with a May wedding planned, I’m excited that I don’t have to wait long to do this all over again with them!

Here is a preview of their engagement and a bit of their story!

How did you meet?

David: Denise’s friend Sarah worked in my office in when I lived in Maryland.  Over a discussion at a Christmas party, Sarah mentioned that she had a friend that had recently moved back from England that I might be interested in.  Sarah gave me Denise’s phone number, and after a couple of conversations over the phone, Denise and I agreed to meet up and have brunch in Baltimore.  After finishing brunch, we walked around for awhile, and ultimately spent the day together. We continued to see each from that day forward.

Denise: After returning to the DC area after living abroad, a friend asked to introduce me to a really nice guy who worked in her current office with the US Army. She passed him my phone number, and he sent me a message. We decided to meet for brunch the next weekend.

What was your first thought when you saw or interacted with him/her for the first time?

Denise: He had such a great sense of humor, and the conversation between us flowed easily.

David: I noticed her brown eyes and easy to get along with personality.  Conversation was easy to come by and we had a lot in common.

How did you start dating?

Denise: Dave asked me to brunch in Baltimore. Although it was a January, it was unseasonably warm, so we walked around the Inner Harbor after brunch and ended up at an Irish pub in Fells Point to watch back-to-back football games. I found out much later that he had a strategy to exit after brunch if the date wasn’t going well! It was already dark when he walked me back to my car, so it must have gone better than he expected. We have been together ever since that date.

When did you know that your partner was the one?

David: The more I was with her, the harder it was to see myself without her.

Denise: I knew pretty early in the relationship. I realized he was also my best friend.

How did the proposal happen?

David: I wanted to propose to her in the same city we first met.  We had ticket to a football game one a Sunday, and stayed the night the Saturday before, so I found it would be a good opportunity.  With the help of some close friends, I was able to select a ring weeks early, so I could surprise her that evening.

Denise: We went back to Baltimore for dinner, and Dave proposed in Fells Point near the location of our first date. We were standing along the water in the Inner Harbor.

What quality/qualities do you love most about your partner?

Denise: His sense of humor is fantastic, and we have so much fun together.

David: She has a kind heart, and is very caring.  I feel like she balances out my own personality in a lot of ways.  I always enjoy our conversations and shared interests.

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?

David: I think the overall wedding will be nice.  I think once the ceremony is complete, it should be a nice celebration amongst friends and family.

Denise: I am looking forward to sharing the day with all of our friends and family from around the United States and the world.


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