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National Gallery of Art Engagement Photos in Washington DC

Grab a latte and delve into a preview of G & B’s National Gallery of Art engagement photos in Washington DC! We met outside of the National Gallery of Art and had a low-key engagement session just strolling around the outside of the building, which provided such a beautiful backdrop. I love that we were able to photograph their engagement session within the city since they are both lawyers in DC. G & B met in law school in Chicago a few years ago and will be having a multi-cultural wedding this November, which I am so excited about documenting for them. They will be having friends and family coming from all over the world to spend the day and celebrate with them; how lucky are we to be able to document this incredible moment in our clients’ lives?

Clients are often nervous about getting their photos taken professionally for the first time. We encounter so many engaged couples who both anticipate and dread their engagement photos. They anticipate them because they’re looking forward to a special portrait session celebrating an exciting time in their lives. But at the same time, they dread their session because they worry that they’ll look awkward in front of the camera. These two did fabulously and I’m excited to photograph them together the day they finally become husband and wife. I won’t keep you any longer as I would love to share a glimpse into their session and a bit about the two of them, so here we go!

How did you meet?

Her: We met during the first year of law school, and had most of the same classes during our first year. We slowly developed mutual friends, and didn’t really start to know each other until a year later during the end of our second year.

Her: I will never forget the moment I saw him in a suit for the first time (he must have been heading to or coming back from an interview). We didn’t interact much in that moment, but it’s been ingrained in my memory ever since. To this day I think he looks best in a suit and tie. Can’t wait for the tuxedo!

Him: Both G and I lived in the same dorm building during our first year of law school, and one of our first interactions was her seeing me in the elevator wearing a suit (I was on the way to an interview), and she essentially catcalled me! At the time she probably did not know, but it totally made my day and gave me much needed confidence to get the job! After that, she was always on my mind!

How did you start dating?

Her: We initially bonded over moot court (a law school thing), food (indian food, pizza, snacks generally) and our favorite authors.  I remember phone calls for hours on end, not wanting to hang up the phone.

Him: We were involved with so many of the same extracurricular activities at law school and ended up spending so much time together, so we were able to get to know each other really well.

Him: Our friends who knew us both were not surprised at all, and my sisters and parents absolutely fell in love with G the first time that they met her.

When did you know that your partner was the one?

Her: Very early on. I remember telling my mom that I thought he was the one about a month after we started hanging out.

Him: One of the first times that we got dinner at a Pakistani/Indian restaurant, I was starving, but completely did not notice the fact that our food had been served and was already on our table – I was so distracted!

Him: She knew that it was coming, but did not know when it would exactly happen. I proposed to her the night before a trip to Europe, and was definitely super nervous – I accidentally grabbed her right hand to put the ring on when I was down on one knee, instead of her left hand! Instead of going to dinner after the proposal as planned, we spent the whole night calling our friends and family about the news!

What quality/qualities do you love most about your partner?

Her: B is incredibly smart, funny, and thoughtful. In some ways we are very similar and in some ways we are very different. It’s a good balance.

Him: She is literally the most thoughtful and caring person that I know. She is such a good aunt to her nieces and nephews, is so down to earth, is a hundred times smarter than me, and always makes me laugh.

What are some of your partner’s quirks that you love or appreciate?

Him: She somehow likes spicier food than I do, she is always humming the same made-up 2-3 tunes no matter what she is doing, she always needs a snack, and is always trying to crack my knuckles.

Her: I love that B could go days on end without a single plan and without a set schedule.  He’s an anything-goes, open-minded free-thinker, and I never want him to lose those qualities. While they might drive me crazy at times, I appreciate that he helps me to live in the moment and block out some of the noise of the daily grind.

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?

Her: The first look. He better cry (he won’t).

Him: I’m most excited about watching her walk down the aisle, as well as that first moment when the wedding is over and we finally look at each other for the first time at the end of the night.

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