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A Misty Sunrise Engagement Session in Old Town Alexandria | Sydney + Kyle

Today I’m sharing Sydney and Kyle’s misty sunrise engagement session in Old Town Alexandria! It was overcast that morning which kind of defeated the whole point of us meeting at sunrise (to get some of that golden glowy light), but the mist in the distance was still neat and the chemistry between Sydney and Kyle honestly surpassed any golden light I could’ve asked for. These two flirted and laughed together and it made my photographer heart so happy to see them let loose and have fun with their session. I know that many people psych themselves out about their engagement photos and get nervous, but when you allow yourself to just focus on the other person and enjoy this exciting time, you’ll receive genuine images that showcase your personalities and I love that so much!

I hope you enjoy this peek into Sydney and Kyle’s adorable session. As always, you can learn more about these two below!

Sydney: I first met Kyle my freshman year of University at a cookout he was having. Some mutual friends introduced us, but we didn’t talk for long since he was busy hosting.

Kyle: We met at Stakes and Stoges rush event at my house while I was helping Christian on the grill on September 17th 2014.

Kyle: I loved that fact she was so confident in herself to come and hang out at an all guys rush event (didn’t realize she didn’t know).

Sydney: I thought he was cute, but he was really loud and kept talking in puns so I found him a little annoying at first. Eventually, when I was able to hang out with him one on one, I got to know him better and discovered he is a really nice, supportive, and relaxed person. He is still loud and punny, but I kinda like it now.

Sydney: We were friends for two years and best friends towards the end of that two years. We would have weekly “date nights” where he would cook me dinner and we would watch movies/tv shows until 2am. We both liked each other, but I think we held off saying anything because we didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Eventually one date night I kissed him and that was that.

Kyle: After becoming best friends and way too many dinners I cooked calling them date nights without her knowing they were dates.

Sydney: My friends all knew about Kyle since we were best friends and I talked to them frequently about how I liked him. When I told them that we were dating they were not surprised. I held off telling my family for a while because it took some time figuring out the whole transition from best friend to boyfriend. When I eventually called and told my parents, I basically just gave them the facts and planned a time for them to meet him in person. I didn’t want to skew their opinion of him before they got to meet him themselves.

Kyle: It was less about after the first date and more about how I constantly told my friends how great she was without really realizing what I was saying.

Kyle: I knew very early on when she showed up when I was in the hospital. What made me confident was when we were able to live together for 2 years and only grew closer.

Sydney: I think I knew he was “the one” even before I knew I wanted to date him. When we were friends he was such an important figure in my life. He was the person I could count on to cheer me up or help me out of a bad situation. He was the one I would call with good news or drag with me on weekend outings. I knew that I forever wanted him in my life.

Sydney: I had just finished my bachelor’s and we planned a ski trip in Vermont to celebrate/decompress. Our plan while we were up there was to have one nice dinner where we dressed up so that we could get a nice picture of us (since I skipped graduation for this trip). We were going to do this dinner on the last night we were there, but mistakenly went to a nice restaurant on the second night. I said that we could just dress up and take pictures in the hotel lobby, but Kyle was really insistent that we go back to the restaurant for dinner again the next night. I was resistant and we compromised by going back to the restaurant to take pictures by their frozen pond, then go to dinner elsewhere. When got to the pond he got down on one knee and proposed.

Kyle: She pushes me (literally) to be better and constantly strive to live every day to its fullest, even if we end up in sweatpants watching Netflix.

Sydney: I love (and sometimes hate) how opposite we are. I am a really high stress person and I am pretty sure Kyle does not have a stressful bone in his body. He is so helpful in calming me down and helping me prioritize my happiness.

While both Kyle and I are stubborn, he is 1000× more willing to compromise! He will give up his free time to help me do my to-list just because he loves me.

Kyle: She works so hard to be caring and helpful. Every time one of her friends need help, whether that is finding an apartment or a job for someone else, she makes it a personal mission to find as many options as possible.

Sydney: Whenever he is playing his computer games and he is beating his opponent he does this high pitch giggle while he rubs his hands together. He looks and sounds like a child who just got away with stealing a cookie from the kitchen. It’s really cute.

Since we have started planning our wedding I have been scheduling appointments on our weekends to meet with various people. Now, whenever anyone asks him what his weekend plans are he refers them to me and just nods his head at whatever I say.

Sydney: Honestly, I think I am most excited to just sit and eat a good meal with my husband. While all the hustle and bustle is happening around us, I think it will be nice to take a few minutes have a calm conversation while sipping on a good brew. Plus this may be the only chance I get to sit all night.

Kyle: I am not looking forward to the vows, I could do without crying in front of our families. Sitting next to her at the rehearsal with all our friends and family will most likely be my favorite part.

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