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Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos | Jackie + Bryce

Everyone, meet Jackie and Bryce, two coworkers who both work at a retirement community (also where they met), quickly became inseparable, and are now planning their wedding at the beautiful Riverside on the Potomac in May! I’m so excited to work with the super rad Delia-Anne again and can’t wait to see their details come together. I met Jackie and Bryce bright and early on Wednesday morning in Old Town Alexandria for their engagement photos. They purchased a home earlier this year in Alexandria and wanted their engagement session to take place in the Old Town area. Jackie is from Jersey and moved down to the DC area for college and never left. They are pitbull/cat parents so of course, I automatically knew they were awesome. I just love spending this time with them and getting to catch a glimpse of their relationship together!

I always prefer to take downtown photos during the early morning golden hours (vs. golden hour evening hours) because it’s a lot quieter so we don’t have to worry about distractions as much so the two can just focus on each other. We met up first near the water and then we eventually moved our way down to one of the cobblestone streets, took a stroll through the residential neighborhoods, and ended at the Wilkes Street tunnel. The weather was cloudy and foggy so we didn’t get much of a golden look, but overcast clouds create soft, beautiful light so I will never complain about that!

Here are some of my favorites! Be sure to check out their little love story interview below. It is a lot of fun reading our couple’s love stories and getting to see each person’s point of view, so thank you so much to our super awesome clients for entertaining these for us! 😉 The proposal story is definitely an adorable one because Bryce planned it as a semi-public total surprise proposal in front of her family (knowing how important her family is to her) and it totally caught her off guard. Love hearing these kinds of proposal stories! Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Jackie + Bryce’s Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session

How did you meet?

Jackie: Well, I was an intern at work for a year while I was in graduate school and as an intern I had to spend a certain amount of time with every department. I first met Bryce during an informational session on the security department. He went through all of his responsibilities and I really couldn’t figure out what he did all day. I later joked with him about it. We really hit it off and what I loved most was his red hair.

Bryce: I first met Jackie in Human Resources, she was completing all of her new employee orientation on the computer and I interrupted her to hand her an access card to the building. I immediately thought she was cute.

Jackie: I first thought his job was boring. I thought all he did was stare at security cameras! I also thought about how good he looks in dress pants :).

Bryce: I thought she was definitely cute and really wanted to get to know her better.

Jackie: This is kind of a long story. We would go to happy hour with other colleagues and we were really close at work so there was an underlying attraction. He also bought me a David Yurman ring for my graduation and that’s when I knew he liked me much more than a friend. I always spoke to him about my family and how important they were to me so Bryce wrote my parents a letter asking them if it is “ok” for him to take me on a date. They wrote him back and said yes so I went over his house for a homemade meal of fish tacos and then later out to pizza.

Bryce: We started hanging out a lot and pretty much became inseparable, and I think we both agreed that we preferred each other’s company and as they say, the rest is history.

Jackie: That he never uses his vacation days, he has a crazy pitbull, he’s a ginger, and that he knows how to cook. Oh, and he’s really funny and sweet!

Bryce: My younger brother who at the time I owned a house with knew about Jackie before my parents and other brother since he was around when she would come over.  He could definitely tell that I liked her and after my mom met her for the first time she told me how cute she was and even asked if I was going to marry her.  My exact response to that question was “yea, now relax.”

Jackie: He became the one when it was too difficult for us to be apart. We can live and work together and not many couples can say that. There’s no person I would rather spend my life with – he’s my best friend!

Bryce: I am a pretty closed off and reserved person.  I tend to keep my feelings and emotions to myself but for some reason, Jackie just brought out the best in me and made me want to try new things.  She made me try sushi.  I still hate it, but she succeeded in making me try it.  From the start of our relationship I was extremely comfortable with her and knew early on that she was the one.  She even tolerates my crazy dog.

Jackie: It was the Friday before Christmas and my whole family planned a day in NYC to see the tree and the Rockettes. Bryce canceled last minute because he couldn’t find a dog sitter and I was really upset. When my family arrived back from the city to my house in NJ, Bryce was there waiting with a videographer and lights everywhere. He got down on one knee and asked! My parents were in on it the whole time but none of my siblings or cousins knew!

Bryce:  I asked her parents for permission by driving up to New Jersey when Jackie went to New York one weekend to visit her sister.  Her parents knew I was coming and her dad picked me up at her aunt’s law firm so her best friend and neighbor would not see my truck in her aunt’s driveway.  Her dad bought us lunch and we went back and ate and then the interrogation began.  It started with a little waterboarding…kidding of course.  But seriously, they asked all the questions any concerned parents would and at the end of it I had their permission and that is when I told them of my plan to surprise her around Christmas time.

Jackie: He is so observant. He always knows what I want or don’t want or when I am upset. He can just tell all the time.

Bryce: She definitely knows how to make me laugh and she is extremely caring.  I also admire her drive and determination, when she sets her mind on something, she gets laser focused.

old town alexandria

Jackie: He folds every single piece of laundry – even his socks!

Bryce: It’s become a running joke, but her absolute favorite phrase is “you know what I mean.”  Funny thing is, I always know what she means!

Jackie: When we say “I do”! I can not wait to spend the day with our family and friends.

Bryce: Definitely the little chicken and waffles appetizers, oh and the fact that at the end of the day I will get to call her my wife.

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