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Christmas Lorton VA Interior Photos

I have been waiting to share this lovely and inspiring interior session I did in Lorton, VA recently, and since it’s Christmas-themed, I wanted to share it on Christmas Eve! I was contacted by someone’s wonderful daughter who wanted to gift her mother photos of the Christmas decorations that her mother puts up every year at their home. Her mom goes all out every year and puts up FOURTEEN Christmas trees and for all the work she puts forth, her daughter wanted to get it professionally photographed.

And I know that you’re all probably thinking, “FOURTEEN TREES?! How does she do it?!” but I have even more to shock you with. You all should know that her mom technically works on one of the trees all year long. She collects flowers and dries them out all year, and then creates a dried flower tree that takes her one day, the entire day, to put together. Just wait til you see it below! But each tree has its own theme and they’re all different and absolutely beautiful. I was telling a friend that I’m just excited when I put up our ONE tree each year – lol! I can’t imagine the time, energy, talent, and patience required to pull this off. When I asked how long it takes her, she told me it takes her about two weeks to decorate for the holidays in total. She also creates her own wreaths and changes the wall art out to go along with Christmas as well. This woman is unbelievably talented and deserves a standing ovation for her efforts. I know that her grandchildren are just mesmerized by the magic of it all as well. I will try to explain a bit about a few of the trees as you scroll through, but I certainly won’t hit all fourteen here!

I hope you enjoy this peek into this gorgeous Christmas-themed session. Cheers and Happy Holidays, friends!

The Santa Tree

This tree is filled with, you guessed it, only Santa ornaments! I hope that I am recalling this correctly, but I believe she told me that when she started this Santa tree, her daughter had always gifted her six Santa ornaments each holiday to add to the collection. This is the main tree in the family den area of their home. I was also told that the weirder the Santa ornament, the better! 😉

The red cardinal tree

She had seen a similar tree in a magazine and it went for like $1,200 or something wild! She decided she wanted to tackle a similar look herself so after the holidays, purchased the tree for a crazy deal that I believe was $16. And from there, she found some red cardinals and went for a less-is-more approach with this one. The tree stump came from outside and she created this stunner of a focal piece as another tree in the main living area!

Her favorite tree

When I asked her which tree was her favorite, she told me that this one is! It’s displayed right as you walk in through the front doors in the main foyer area and is a focal point of the home as well, although with how pretty everything is, it’s hard to know which direction to look!

I was photographing from upstairs and looked down to see that one of the boys had lined up the cars in the hall with such precision. Haha! It was a really cute sight next to the Christmas trees!

The dried flower tree

Here it is, folks! This tree is actually quite large as well, which makes it even more impressive. Every single one of those flowers is on a little stake and hand-wrapped with floral tape except for a few delicate flowers like the dried Queen Anne’s lace! I walked around this thing about 20 times in total awe. The amount of beauty in this tree was intimidating to capture and is truly a masterpiece!

The dining room trees

There are a few in here so I figured I’d go through the main one. Her husband’s mother was a collector of jewelry and had a huge collection of pearls and broaches, etc. She decorated these eggs with the jewels from her MIL’s collection and even created this tree art piece with them as well! So creative, and what a way to pay tribute!

The grandchildrens tree

This tree is filled with all of their grandchildrens favorite things!

The sentimental tree

I hope you guys realize I’m totally just giving them these names myself and have no clue what they’re actually called – ha! I call this one the sentimental tree though because it’s filled with all kinds of baby items from their and their kids’ young lives. Baby shoes, their first teething blocks and toys, and all kinds of priceless possessions that rather than being stored away the entire year in a box, can come out on display at the holidays. I thought this was such a sweet and adorable idea! As a sucker for sentiment, I was in love with this idea.

And here are some other random images taken throughout the session.

And here is the magical woman behind all of this work. Wishing the B family and all of their loved ones an amazing holiday season!

Christmas Lorton VA Interior Photos

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