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Blandy Experimental Farm Family Photos | The S Family

This was my first time meeting the Schober family and I was so eager for their family session. They moved to the Northern Virginia area from Colorado and had the same photographer for the last 11 years! How awesome is that? We all met up in Boyce, VA at a location I’ve been wanting to shoot at forever, Blandy Experimental Farm. It was so lovely there and I am honestly ready to go back anytime.

Backing up a second with a fun(ny) fact: On Thursday, I threw out my back for the first time ever. I mean my low back full-blown gave out and stiffened up, my legs were about to give out under me, I dropped to the floor and resorted to laying on the kitchen floor for the next 30 minutes until I was able to be assisted over to the couch where I remained for the rest of the day. Of course, it happened the day before a jam-packed weekend of shooting. The next day, I was meeting this family for their photo session and I was determined to push through because this is life and stuff happens. I must admit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since nothing like this had happened to me before, but with the help of ice, lots of couch-dwelling that day, a professional 30-minute massage, Advil, and Adam driving me to the session and carrying my gear for me, I was able to pull it off. And quite honestly, photographing this session made me forget all about any pain. The girls were adorable and I loved getting to see their personalities come out and getting to see their family dynamic. Watching people in front of my camera and getting to capture them interacting together is so much fun, and towards the middle of the session, the girls started to really embrace it. The images of the family all hugging and the girls running are some of my favorites, as well as the portraits with their sweet pup Sonny. Sonny was imprinted on Mom and I so just wanted to wrap my arms around his fluffy neck and give him a big ol’ hug. I had to hold myself back from that so many times.

Thank you to the Schober family for asking me to document your family. It was such an honor.

Even Sonny looked back at Mom and Dad when they kissed! <3

  1. Cynthia Massey says:

    I would like to know how much a session would be with you?

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